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International Conference on Cybercrime: Global Phenomenon and Its Challenges


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The Conference has given the opportunity to discuss the global challenge of cybercrime and its countermeasures. Through this meeting, members discussed several topics. Session I of the conference has been devoted to find the right balance between security and civil liberties in the fight against cybercrime, debating topics under the light of Human Rights in the Technology Era. Privacy, freedom of expression and other fundamental rights have been examined by experts, academics and other institutions calling the attention of all countries worldwide. Session II has reviewed technology development in particular, and Members have been able to examine specific case studies, such as data crimes, network crimes, access crimes and other crimes. In Session III Speakers have examined National Enforcement and Investigation practices against Cybercrime. The lack of formal policies and procedures as well as difficulties in sharing information have been considered as main obstacles to international cooperation. PNI research institutes will aim to call for more cooperative tasks at the regional and international levels.