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11. Responding to the Challenges of Corruption
proceedings of the International Conference on "Responding to the Challenges of Corruption"Milan, 19-20 November 1999, ed. UNICRI-ISPAC (UNICRI Publication No. 63), 2000
10. Violent Crime and Conflict
proceedings of the International Conference on "Violent Crime and Conflicts. Towards Early  Warning  and Prevention  Mechanisms"Courmayeur, 4-6 October  1997Ed. ISPAC, 1998
9. Migration and Crime
Proceedings of the International Conference on "Migration and Crime"Courmayeur, 5-8 October 1996Ed. ISPAC, 1998
8. Violent Crime and Conflicts
Preparatory Volume for the International Conference on "Violent Crime and Conflicts. Towards Early Warning and Prevention Mechanisms"Courmayeur, 4-6 October 1997Ed. ISPAC,  1997
7. Responding to Money Laundering: International Perspectives
edited by Ernesto U. Savona, Harwood Academic Publishers, The Netherlands, 1997
6. Juveniles and Delinquency
International Conference on "Juveniles and Delinquency in the Italian and European Context",Milan, December 1996Ed. ISPAC, 1996
5. Migration and Crime. A Framework for Discussion
Ancillary Meeting held  by ISPAC on May 3, 1995 in Cairo, Egypt, on the occasion of the Ninth United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of  Offenders, Leiden University, The NetherlandsEd. ISPAC, 1996
4. Environment as a Value and its Protection through Criminal Law
edited by Beniamino CaravitaEd. ISPAC-IPA (Istituto per l'Ambiente), 1995
3. Looking at the Present to prepare for the Future
Preventive Strategies against  Organized Crime, substantive  contribution to the "United Nations World Ministerial Conference on Organized Transnational Crime",Naples, 21-23 November 1994Ed. ISPAC, 1994
2. Victim Issues
Workshop on "Prevention of Victimisation, Protection and Assistance for Victims and Conflict Resolution"Oñati, Spain, 13-16 May 1993, Ed. ISPAC, 1994
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